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Pre-Planning & Installation

Essential Pre-Planning

Flooring professionals know the products and installation are only as good as what is getting covered; the substrate.  The variables that can exist or crop up with substrates run the gambit.  Un-foreseen conditions such as concrete grinding, leveling or filling pour-backs can be planned for ahead of installation preventing unwelcomed last minute issues.  Pre-planning material acclimation and staging keeps schedules flowing and meet manufacturer guidelines.


Installers rarely get the credit they deserve; it’s a skill and its hard work.  Loading materials, unloading materials, moving materials throughout the jobsite, and prepping all before actually installing, often times at night or on weekends.  Processes that take a physical toll, and often time away from family.  At TCC we respect their craftsmanship and appreciate the integral role they play on our team. Like Project Managers, installers must stay updated on multiple product types, manufacturers, installation procedures and safety regulations.  TCC installers are dedicated, experienced, hard-working, and prideful when the install is complete.  

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